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Flex badges

DEONET introduces an innovative badge with unlimited possibilities. A new kind of badge, made of an extra hard acrylic layer and equipped with a pin, needle pin or magnet. The main advantage of this Flex badge is that almost any shape is possible. This means that a badge, button or pin can be created of any logo, picture of product shape.


The doming technique that will be used, makes this badge very durable. The badge is made of a sticker, that will be coated with a transparent acrylic layer. This makes the badge extra solid and a scratchproof print can therefore be guaranteed. At the same time, this acrylic layer provides a 3D effect, which gives the badge a stylish look.

Additional sales opportunities

DEONET is continuously looking for new products to personalise in its production facilities in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. “With this range expansion we want to give our resellers more sales opportunities”, says Rob van Berkon CEO. “This badge is unique in the market and offers customers the ability to literally and figuratively think outside the box, with a badge in a different shape.”